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Is it a scalp tattoo?

SMP is similar to a scalp tattoo but there are important differences. Tattoos are done using large, multi-needled devices. The purpose is to cover large areas of the skin quickly. With SMP, a single, very fine needle is used in order to create a dot the size of a hair follicle. The ink used is made up of black pigment only, and not multiple colors. This is important because as the SMP “scalp tattoo” slowly fades over time, we don’t want it to change colors. Regular Tattoo ink will generally fade to a blueish tone. Finally, SMP is deposited in a different layer of the skin than regular tattoo. And requires special equipment, training, and practice in order to perform correctly.

How Long Does micro pigmentation Last?

Unlike a regular tattoo, scalp micro-pigmentation does not last forever, unless it is “touched-up” about once a year. Patients will see minimal fading in the first year after the procedure, and minor touch-ups from time to time after that will keep your SMP treatment looking fresh and new. Without touch-ups, an SMP scalp tattoo will last 3 to 5 years depending on the person.

Does micro pigmentation hurt?

SMP is much less painful then a regular tattoo and usually does not require any numbing pre-treatment.

How long does micro pigmentation take?

This will vary depending on how large the area being treated. Generally speaking, a top of the head treatment, whether it’s full SMP or density increase, will require 2 sessions of 2 to 2.5 hours each, and one follow up sessions of 1 hour.

How much does scalp tattooing cost?

The cost of scalp micro-pigmentation can vary quite a bit from patient to patient. The general range is anywhere from $500.00 to $3,500.

Is there any downtime or after effect?

There is no downtime aside from the procedure itself, and after effects are minimal. A slight bit of redness on the scalp may last for a few hours after the procedure, and patients should not wash their scalp for 48 hours. No special cream or treatment is required after the procedure. At Capilia Freedom, no area is too big or small so please contact us if you have even a small scar on your scalp that you would like to disguise. For more information on SMP, or to schedule a detailed consultation and analysis, please contact us through our online consultation pages or simply call us directly.