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Non-surgical Hair Replacement Systems

Modern hair systems have come a long way from the hair pieces of old. Extremely fine materials and construction methods, advances in attachment methods, new types of synthetics, and advances in the processing of human hair can all contribute to a final result that is indistinguishable from your growing hair.

Capilia Freedom has been providing custom and premade stock hair systems in Toronto for decades, and we offer just about every type of hair system available for both men and women. From the tried and true hair pieces of old to the latest in advanced hair systems and invisible hair grafts. Just as there are so many different types of hair loss, no one system or process works for everyone. Hair Systems can be pre-made or custom made, and each individual’s needs and the situation will determine which way is best.

before and after of man receiving hair loss solution

Cyber Hair

What is Cyber Hair? Cyber Hair systems are made from a completely different kind of hair, not at all like any other. While it looks and behaves like human hair, it has none of the characteristics of typical synthetic hair.

Cyber hair is the only hair system that is truly “Maintenance Free”. Because the hair will not fade, break or frizz, a Cyber Hair system may never require maintenance from a hair replacement clinic.

  • Feels and behaves like Human Hair
  • Will Not Tangle
  • Will not fade or lose color
  • Will not break
  • Will last up to 5 years or more and still look the same
  • Loves water and has moisture content

*Individual results may vary

before and after of man receiving hair loss solution

Lace Front or Full Lace Hair Systems and Wigs

A newer type of hair system foundation, very fine mesh-like materials are often used in modern hair systems as they have the ability to create extremely natural looking hairlines.

Lace hair systems and wigs are available in custom and pre-made or stock designs for fast delivery.

*Individual results may vary

after image of man receiving hair loss solution

Thin Skin Hair Systems and Non-Surgical Hair Grafts

Modern techniques in hair ventilating – the art of implanting individuals hairs into a membrane – have produced the most natural looking scalp replicating hair systems ever. It is almost impossible to discern the difference between these systems and the actual scalp. There are several types available in both custom made and pre-made designs.

One of the first of these was developed about 15 years ago by a company called Versacchi. These systems are known as CTR, or “Cosmetic Transdermal Reconstruction”. CTR hair systems are natural looking and durable.

More recent developments in membrane hair grafts are much thinner and can recreate hairlines and scalp with incredibly natural results.

*Individual results may vary

Original Versacchi CTR Hair System
Original Versacchi CTR Hair System

Original Verssachi USG-4 CTR System
Original Verssachi USG-4 CTR System

before and after of woman receiving hair loss solution

Hair Integration Systems, Evolve, and the Capilia Trapeze Program

Hair loss in women is often characterized by diffuse thinning in the top or throughout the head. The problem is, how do we replace the lost hair without altering the existing hair? Although clip hair pieces, toppers, and postiches can often provide a great solution, hair integration systems are designed to fill in the thin areas while utilizing your existing hair. New human hair can be integrated into your existing hair using a variety of hair systems and attachments.

Freedom Hair Systems specializes in these types of hair systems as well, as they are a favorite among women with thinning hair. Combining Hair Integration with European hair produces very natural results.

*Individual results may vary

Hair Extensions

Capilia Freedom specializes in Cold-Fusion Hair Extensions. Some people call them “tape-in extensions” We like these because they are the most natural looking extensions available. Most extensions either have bulky weaves attached to them, or are installed in small bunches, which requires hundreds of pieces to create a full natural look. Also, these other methods can damage thin or fine hair. Because cold fusion extensions can be easily spread throughout the client’s existing hair, they blend in much better, and can be used to fill in thinning areas higher on the head. Highly customizable, flexible, and easy to install, Cold fusion Hair Extensions are probably the best option for women with thinning hair.

So how do you know what hair system is best?

Call us. Our staff has an impeccable record of service and satisfaction, and have been treating people with hair loss in Toronto and surrounding areas for over 40 years. Because of our extensive experience and longevity, you can be certain that you will receive only the best in proven hair replacement methods and technologies, and in-patient care and client service. To be sure, we provide an initial free hair loss analysis and detailed information session where you will learn about the various options available to you, see examples of people in similar situations, and find out what options you are suitable for. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and get unbiased and informative answers.

We Have a Solution For You at Capilia Freedom